Rías Baixas wines manage to avoid the tripping of Trump, Brexit and the covid

The wines of the Designation of Origin (DO) Rías Baixas They have managed to successfully overcome all the tricks that came their way in the last season and reach new record heights in the international market. Neither the pandemic, nor the tariffs of the Government of Donald Trump nor the threat of Brexi They have slowed down the expansion of the brand, which has experienced a growth of 5.78% in the volume of exports and an increase of 4.34% in their value.

During the 2019-2020 campaign (between August 31, 2019 and September 1, 2020) the denomination placed more than eleven million bottles abroad8,254,642 liters), valued at slightly more than 45 million euros (45,696,579 euros). The average price per liter reached the 5,54 euros, which represents a “slight drop” of seven cents compared to the previous season, but which the brand even interprets as “positive data” in view of the obstacles that broke into the market. “The fact that exports continue to grow in such an adverse scenario means magnificent news and an achievement for all,” said the president of the Regulatory Council on Tuesday, Juan Gil de Araújo, during the presentation of the balance sheet.

Despite the regrets, the albariño it continues to be listed like few others, to the point that it is the national DO that has the best price abroad.

The figures once again highlight the weight of the exports, which represent 33% of the sales of the protected indication. The percentage follows in the wake of other years, but has undoubtedly been reinforced by the effects of coronavirus in the national market, in which the closure of the hotel industry has been noticed (and a lot). Many wineries have decided to cross borders or increase exports to try to compensate for the Horeca channel lock (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes). Thus, 107 of the 168 wineries that are currently active in the DO (equivalent to 63.6%) already sell abroad.

AT THE TOP OF THE RANKING. The Regional Minister of Rural Affairs, Jose Gonzalez, highlighted in that same act that “for the first time” the volume of liters sold in the European Union was higher than in the American continent. To be more exact, the DO exported to European countries 3.88.879 liters of albariño (which implies a growth of 12.82%), while across the Atlantic dispatched 3,512,673. For this reason, the popular stressed the importance of the central government pulling strings in Brussels in order to allow a greater promotion of the wines with the Galician stamp in the closest territories. “These are not tempos to limit promotion to the European market,” he stressed.

EE UU Y United Kingdom Albariño Rías Baixas leads the ranking of destinations in which the most Albariño Rías Baixas has been marketed almost on par. Both lead the top ten for years, but this time the context makes it an especially relevant fact. The defunct government of Donald Trump imposed 25% tariffs on certain European products, which included the Pontevedra wines, a real blow for the sector that the wineries have managed to alleviate by “reducing profit margins” and negotiating the distribution of this extra with the distributors of the destination country. As a result, the DO sold 2,252,859 liters to the US, a volume equivalent to 27% of total exports and which shows a modest 0.6% decrease compared to last year.

The departure from the United Kingdom that is served on the table has not taken its toll on the denomination either. Moreover, the demand in the Anglo-Saxon territory suffered a 16.14% increase, reaching 2,113,086 liters (25.6% of the total), which for Araújo means “a good starting point to face the changes” of the Brexit.

OTHER DESTINATIONS. Puerto Rico appears in third place after requesting 19.54% more Rías Baixas wines (448,407 liters), followed by Germany (436.770) e Ireland, which seems to have been hooked on the morapios of southern Galicia. Its demand has grown by 22%, reaching 354,287 liters. The classification continues with Canada (329.500), Holland (276,442) and Sweden (228,429), a destination that, together with Russia, has registered the most notable growth in the volume of imports, close to 40%.

The denomination of origin links the success of exports to the reformulation of the foreign promotion campaigns that have been carried out and that, among other things, has replaced fairs and showrooms with “online meetings and virtual tastings” with which it has achieved that the albariño avoid confinements.


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