PHOENIX – Ring video helped police capture an alleged and arsonist at Phoenix apartment complex.

On October 6, just before midnight, the Phoenix Fire Department responded to the request of the Villa De Paz apartments near 103rd Avenue and Camelback Road for a shed fire.

When they arrived, they found a vehicle also on the parking lot. Firefighters put out the shed fire while a citizen extinguished the car fire.

A witness contacted investigators saying his video showed a man near the car right before it burst into flames. Police say they read the footage and saw a man carrying a cup and walking towards him and taking it away.

Investigators say Brandon Christopher Gutierrez, 23, came out of his apartment wearing the same clothing as the man in the video. Police identified Gutierrez as the arsonist.

When questioned, Gutierrez allegedly told police that he did not remember setting the fires but admitted to "drunk heavily" and being addicted to Xanax.