River presented its six reinforcements and Marcelo Gallardo returned to download a motivating message

While the members enjoyed the pool and the sun, in the large room that is adjacent to the club’s barbecue areas, River presented its six reinforcements. Accompanied by Marcelo Gallardo and Rodolfo D’Onofrio, the soccer players posed with the shirts that on their backs bear their surnames and the numbers that each one will use.

One of them did not need to show the way. As much as this SUM was released when he was in Mexico, Jonatan Maidana knows each space of the Monumental as if it were his home. Joni will carry the 4 on her back this time (the 2 will be for Paraguayan Robert Rojas). “I want to thank River for trusting me. And regarding the return I had the desire and desire to return to the club where I was so happy and in which I know I can improve the football level. I trust what I can give , I spoke with Marcelo and I rescue that he has given me the possibility to return and I will try to do it one hundred percent, “said the central marker.

Not another of them. Héctor David Martínez grew up in the club and already knows what it is to be under the orbit of Gallardo. El Muñeco made him debut in the First Division in December 2018 in a match that River beat Gimnasia at the Monumental. “I was already part of this project and I know the intensity that this team has to train and play, I hope to fit in well,” said Martínez, who has just been champion of the South American Cup with Defense and Justice.

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Along with them were the four Gallardo bets, who dream of a future of red and white sparkles. Are Agustin Palavecino (comes from Deportivo Cali after playing in Platense), José Paradela (of Gymnastics), Agustin Fontana (from Banfield) and Álex Vigo (from Colón de Santa Fe). Each one was giving a phrase, letting go little by little.

“What I commented to each one is that this is a process of many years of management and that we continue to maintain a strong competitive level. We are convinced that each one will make the effort to adapt and join the spirit that this team has. Nobody comes to replace anyone, each one comes to add from their place to continue with the project, “remarked Gallardo. He then commented that “we needed a shot of energy.” And he made it clear that they all understood it indoors.

In this sense, D’Onofrio commented: “It was an important week, of negotiations. And everything was very simple. The reinforcements were needed and requested. That is why the arrival of each one of them occurred”, referring to the players he had by his side. On the other hand, the president of River remarked: “I am going to be the president of this institution until the last day of my mandate. I am going to dedicate all the hours of the day to the club as happens from the first moment I assumed the presidency.”

So, there is no room for doubt: everyone in River is aligned, just as Gallardo requested. Based on that word, the Doll, who recalled that from everything he says and “even my gestures”, a conjecture is made, explained: “When I talk about alignments I mean that we all continue with a strong ambition to continue going forward, It not only depends on how much money we have but on the attitude and the drive to continue being at a level where in these years we have been winning or not winning at the height and that requires wishes and efforts and when I talk about alignments it has to do with everyone continuing with the same idea ”. Clear and forceful. A registered trademark of the River technician.


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