It is undoubtedly a sign of the times. A multitude of panels appeared throughout the region to point the way, lead the masses and inform about the UCI World Cycling Championships. This is a real test for Yorkshire, so it's absolutely right. However, Spectator thinks it may be necessary to name a czar of signs. These are not just indications and information about the event. There are numerous road closure signs along the road and work has been done to make the roads as slippery as possible so that cyclists can compete on a level playing field.

It is good in many ways for locals, they will inherit the smooth roads once the bikers are gone. But the signs are confusing. In only one case, four signs indicating the closure of Bedale Road are still present on Masham Road. Some say that a road was closed for three weeks starting on August 5, 19, while others simply indicate that the road to be closed is closed. During the resurfacing work, Spectator was informed that he was quite worried about not knowing if this was the case or not and for the workers who were trying to do their job, the road closure was a source of discontent, some confused drivers pushing their luck and trying to dodge. round.

So it seems like everything is fine, and as the championships start seriously on September 22, it makes sense to leave anything on the side of the road that really should not be there.

The North Yorkshire highways could be forgiven for looking forward to the end of the road this summer. A global road race to add to the worst floods of this century in some parts of the Dales has added pressure. But they seem ready, it's just a matter of direction and sorting the panels.