Robin van Persie sets Erling Haaland’s example for Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal

Former Arsenal star Robin van Persie came out to Alexandre Lacazette for his performance in the 1-0 victory over Olympiacos in their last first leg match of the first leg in the Europa League 32.

Lacazette may have scored the only goal in the game, but he has lost many good chances.

This left Van Persie very vocal in his criticisms of Lacazette, who he believed lacked good movement for three of his big failures of the night.

The Dutch legend was in the BT Sport studio who covered the game like an expert and used an Erling Haaland comparison to dig in Lacazette.

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“They should have [extended their lead] at the end. The last 15 minutes have been really good and have created three or four excellent chances, “Van Persie told BT Sport.

“This is a nice counter attack [leading up to Lacazette’s chance] but this is what I want to talk about. This is not world class, this particular action.

“His body movement is too close, he is too close to the ball.

Van Persie added: “Its [Lacazette’s] the body should be more open so that you can have that light touch, similar to what Haaland had against the PSG, sliding it so it only needs one touch.

“Lacazette needs two touches to get a shot. Okay with the second touch but needs an extra second. He knows what I mean.

“With the first touch he should put him in a corner where he only needs two or three passes to get a clear shot. He didn’t do it there.”


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