Robin Van Persie’s son, Shaqueel, shines with a scissor goal VIDEO

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 11.10.2020 16:49:47

Well they say that such a stick, such a splinter. And such saying seems to apply perfectly to Robin Van Persie, who retired from professional soccer a year ago, but he left a great legacy for his outstanding talent on the courts, as it was the record of 50 goals in 102 games with the selection of Netherlands.

Well, it seems that his offspring intend to follow in his footsteps, since his son Shaqueel Van Persie, 15 years old, He showed off with a scissor goal with the Sub 16 of Feyenoord before him Ajax; making it clear that he inherited his father’s talent.

Robin van Persie had a successful sporting event, he was active in clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United Y Fenerbahce, coupled with the fact that it is remembered because in the 2014 World Cup framework a goal by popcorn from outside the area before the selective of Spain.


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