Roblox promocodes valid for Arsenal May 2021

Arsenal it’s from the games first-person shooter most popular on Roblox. Within this game we will be able to immerse ourselves in a team fight with other users. The peculiarity is that the weapons change with each kill you register.

Foto: Roblox Corp.

This game was created by the talented ROLVe in 2015 and since then it has been constantly updated. On its sixth anniversary and with more than 2 million people calling it their favorite game, it is clear that the popularity of Arsenal it will be very difficult to match.

Roblox Promocodes – Arsenal (May 2021)

ANNA: use this code to get Anna’s skin.

Bandites– Use this code to get the Bandites announcer voice.

BLOXY– Use this code to get 4,000 bucks.

CBROX– Use this code to get the Phoenix skin.

EPRIKA– Use this code to get the Butterfly knife.

F00LISH– Use this code to get the Jackeryz skin.

FLAMINGO: use this code to get the Flamingo sound.

JOHN: use this code to get the sound of John.

KITTEN– Use this code to get Kitten’s sound.

PET: use this code to get a new sound.

POKE– Use this code to get the Poke sound.

ROLVE: use this code to get a new skin for your character.

Remember that to enter these promocodes you must do it from within Arsenal. When you are already inside, before deploying your character, you must do click the Twitter icon so you can enter them.

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Entering the codes requires some attention as you must be pay attention to upper and lower case in addition to not confusing the number “0” (zero) with the letter “O” for “Orthodontist” for example.

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