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Sir Rod Stewart, 75, went to London yesterday for rehearsals for tonight’s Brit Awards 2020 and looked a bit downcast when he was photographed later in the evening.

The singer, who will close the show at the music ceremony, spent most of his time in the capital bringing his wife Penny Lancaster to the theater after a run on his set.

Rod and Penny were snapped on their way to the Gielgud Theater in Soho to attend the press performance of The Upstart Cow.

The couple, who have been married for 13 years and share two children, Alistair, 14, and Aiden, 9, wore coordinating their clothes for their evening out.

Rod looked elegant in a black three-piece suit with a white scarf around his neck, while Penny also sported an elegant monochromatic look.

He paired his classic white shirt with a black ribbon and completed his outfit with cropped trousers, pointy pumps and a red designer bag.

The couple held hands as they made their way to the venue.

Rod was recently charged with drums following an altercation with a Florida security guard on New Years Eve.

The singer and his son Sean, 39, were accused of assaulting security guard Jessie Dixon, 33, after allegedly refusing entry to a private party in a hotel.

Both Rod and Sean pleaded not guilty to the claims.

A preliminary hearing is now scheduled for April.

Earlier this week, the crash footage was published in the Daily Mail.

Halfway through a two and a half minute clip, you could see the rock star indicating who appears to be a member of the hotel staff.

A member of his group, believed to be his son, appears to be moving towards the security guard.

A few seconds later, Rod is also seen heading for the guard, however his intentions are unclear.

Rod has yet to talk about the accident. contacted a representative for the singer for comment.

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