That's the view of seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander ahead of this year's Roland Garros tournament.

Roger Federer plays sand for the first time in three years and meets Lorenzo Sonego in the opening round.

Federer has won 20 grand slams in a brilliant career and will be competing in this year's French Open for the 21st time.

In truth, he probably has a better chance of celebrating his next Grand Slam in the Wimbledon Grass.

However, Wilander believes that by playing on sand, Federer will have had the much needed time to train his action before SW19.

"Looking at Wimbledon, I think it's a necessity for him to play on sand," Wilander said.

"When I see him playing in Madrid and Rome, he plays a little more passive on clay for obvious reasons, but at the same time I think that playing and practicing sand is such an incredible basis for his game.

"I mean, basically, he has the perfect season because he has weeks off where he can work to make a thousand one-handed backhands and get a thousand mark-ups."

"I mean, they have to work on grass, they really have to work on grass to have a chance, and clay is a perfect surface to not hurt themselves, because people say it's more physically demanding to play clay ,

"Not really, injury-wise certainly, maybe in terms of stopping and starting – in terms of pulling out matches, it may be, but in terms of stopping and starting, you have this sliding, sliding thing, so there's a risk Being hurt on sand is much less than other surfaces, but of course you can get tired. "

Federer did not have it easy in his comeback on sand. He retired from the quarter-finals of the Italian Open and retired at the Madrid Open in the second round.

But the Swiss star was jealous of others and that's why he plays on the surface this season.

Federer told French TV station Stade 2: "Why did I choose to return to Roland Garros? In the end it is envy.

"I like to slide, to dampen, to be at odds, to play with angles and to see the fans that I have not seen here.

"I hope to win a few games to really enjoy this audience. I will do my best.

"That this may be my last Roland Garros? Every tournament can be the last one. Yes, it is not excluded, it is true.

"I do not see my arrival at Roland Garros this year as if it were the last.

"I want to play it like 10 years ago, it does not change."