Callum Lee Michael Cairns picked up a friend's van in the hopes of earning some money when he lost a five-year driving ban, the South Tyneside Magistrates & # 39; Court heard.

The South Tyneside Magistrates & # 39; Court heard Callum Lee Michael Cairns take out a friend's van in the hope of earning some money while he was driving for five years.

24-year-old Cairns from Redmond Road in Sunderland admitted in July this year that she had been disqualified and driven without insurance.

Judge Bank Chairman John Lee said Cairns had already received five convictions for driving despite being disqualified, and detained him for 18 weeks.

Mr. Lee described Cairns as "a man who does not seem to learn his lesson".

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Laura Lax, a prosecutor, said the police first saw the van at 6.30pm on Sunderland's Chester Road, which was being used by Cairns.

The court heard that the defendant immediately stopped the van and confessed to the police officer that he was indeed excluded from driving.

Jason Smith, who defended himself, said Cairns had financial difficulties, and the only reason he took the van on the road was to do some scrap work and get some money for his family until their benefits had been paid are.

Mr. Smith said, "He came by right away and told the police that he was disqualified."

The court heard Cairns currently working on an internship with the Grand Central Rail Company offering links between Sunderland and King's Cross in London, which he hoped would lead to employment.

A spokesman for the probation service said, "He is a very smart young man who made some mistakes.

"He has decided to drive if he should not have done it."

However, Mr. Lee said he did not believe that Cairns learned his lesson after he returned to court.

Mr. Lee said, "Mr. Cairns has five previous convictions for disqualified driving, and Mr. Cairns is a man who apparently has not learned his lesson."

Cairns was sentenced to 18 weeks imprisonment, detained for 18 months and fined 207 pounds sterling.

Mr. Smith said he would appeal the verdict.