Ouch – after steady growth in recent weeks, Graham Falk lost 40 pounds last week. Gav and Danny both lost twenty pounds each and Paul Fletcher £ 12.50 lost.

Rory Fallow won his first bet in ages and put a buffer between himself and the bottom of the table Matty Crichtonwho won both bets and yet could not make any real progress.

Sunderland could beat Southend, but it was not a brilliant performance, so the banker could breathe again. Will he be surprised this week?

The bonus of this week: If Luke O'Nien continues to score well at home this weekend, the banker will give all players a £ 10 free bet.

Gav go with …

Sunderland wins and over 1.5 goals in the game: I imagine the guys win this weekend with a few goals advantage. The Gillingham fan we interviewed on the website this week expects us to win 3-0. I have no idea how bad Gillingham really is, but that gives me some confidence that they may not take this game seriously. £ 5 brings back £ 10.

Quadruple: Solihull, Forest Green, Burton and Rotherham all win their cup tie … look, it's just my luck that they have some problems! £ 10 returns £ 83.

Rory Fallow go with …

Luke O'Nien scores a goal at all times It worked for me last week and I will do it again! I know there's a risk Parkinson is changing sides, but considering O'Nien's fitness, I'm confident he's still involved.

Sheffield United wins away in Tottenham: That may seem silly, but The Blades are in better shape and are in the league through Spurs. 5/1 is an excellent value for Chris Wilder's men to get all three points. £ 10 returns £ 60.

Paul Fletcher go with …

Sunderland wins 3-0: Let's stroll into the second round and return home to keep clean sheets. £ 5 returns £ 60.

Sixfold: Guiseley, Wealdstone, Cliftonville Coleraine, Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City. £ 7.50 returns £ 76.91.

Graham Falk go with …

Sunderland and Gillingham BTTS: This was repeated on a Tuesday night in mid-November. 1-1 or 2-2 though? I can not decide how shitty we'll be on Saturday. £ 5 returns £ 9.55.

FA Cup Sixfold: Blackpool, Port Vale, Salford, Walsall, Forest Green and Exeter win. A few shocks and good chances: £ 5 brings back £ 405.01.

Matty Crichton go with …

Sunderland wins both halves: We were brilliant at home in the league, so I expect the boys to include that in our FA Cup campaign. £ 10 returns £ 25.

British quadruple: Liverpool beat Man City, Man Utd beat Brighton, Leeds beat Blackburn and Rangers beat Livingston. 10 € return 78,29 €.