Rolls Royce Cullinan by Chrome Hearts, un capricho de rapero

There are tastes to luxuries and vice versa, curiously the most extravagant turn out to be the most expensive and exclusive. Whether it is a special edition created from the factory, or a renowned preparer, cars are not exempt from this situation.

What happens?

When someone uses their contacts and their money to develop an idea, the results can be highly original, expensive, or a mixture of both. This is the case of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, owned by rapper Drake, modified by the fine jewelry design specialists, Chrome Hearts.

The eccentric rapper Drake, decided to take advantage of his commercial ties with Chrome Hearts, to give this “Royce” a more personal touch, but with a rather “dark” style, where the chrome and exclusive interior finishes stand out.

The imposing exterior of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan gained much more personality with a new front fascia and a grill in which, in addition, a cross has taken the place of the original logo (what a value). It also has new chrome wheels with the Chrome Hearts logo mounted on Pirelli Zero tires and it shows that, of necessity, they had to do something to the suspension so that the ride height was perfect.

The cabin is what impresses most on Drake’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan. And it is that, to begin with, not everyone “gets his hand” on a tremendous vehicle. But At Chrome Hearts they know their business and they also know how to deal with clients like Drake. So they decided to indulge their partner, unleashing this “dark” idea that included a new upholstery design on the seats, steering wheel, console, dash and roof.

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The finish of this work, honestly, is not so much to our liking, however, we must admit that it is of a very high level. Just look at the textures, seams and embossing on the same skin as the surfaces. You can tell that someone took the time to get the chrome accents in place and in the ideal position for the lighting design to crown all the work done in the cabin.

Chrome Hearts, as a good design studio, constantly exhibits in the main cities of the American union, so It will be in its next room, in Miami, where it will showcase this Rolls-Royce Cullinan created and designed in collaboration with Drake.

If you want to know the Cullinan, the exhibition will be open until May 15, there, the fine jewelry design house will also have a sample of some collections with exclusive designs and, who knows, maybe Drake will stop by to sing something.


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