Rolls-Royce is inspired by the Ibn Firnás bridge in Córdoba for a luxury car that it sells in the Arab world


Updated:01/14/2021 07:11 a.m.


Two years after Córdoba will premiere the bridge Ibn Firnás en 2011, that pays tribute to the wise man of the Caliphate who wanted to be Icarus, the exclusive automobile firm Rolls-Royce took his name and his image to make a car model destined to the market of the great fortunes of the Arab world.

Thus, the company markets the model Firnas Motif Edition of its classic and iconic Ghost, a luxury saloon that in its cheapest version does not fall below 310,000 euros.

Detail of the interior of the vehicle
Detail of the interior of the vehicle – ABC

Its exterior color is white on the sides and has a bluish tone for the central part of the nose and trunk, as well as the entire roof. Devised by the automotive designer Khadim Al Helli, which belongs to Abu Dhabi Motors, The model has finials inside, both on the dashboard and on the upholstery, which reproduce the river passage devised by the Sevillian engineer José Luis Manzanares, who ensures that the house Rolls-Royce she has never contacted him. In addition, the distinctive of the nose of the car is personalized in reference to the wise man of the Califato he wanted to be an aviator.

Who did get in touch with Jose Luis Manzanares It was a TV of South Korea that within months of the inauguration of the bridge in the area of Casillas called him to interview him. For what reason? The engineer explains it: «They said that the bridge was a symbol of the coexistence that existed in Córdoba in the past, and that they found it interesting as a model in their country at that time.

“The Korean president, as they explained to me, wanted to pay tribute to the tolerance and it seemed astounding to them that with the one that was falling with the Arab world in Córdoba a tribute would have been made on a bridge to a scientist from the Califato», Adds the author of the last bridge that has been inaugurated in the city.

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