Rory Stewart is one of the last contestants to replace Theresa May. The Secretary of International Development was supported by more than eight Conservative MPs in Monday's appointment process and was retained alongside nine other Conservative members. Mr Stewart is one of the few candidates not to want to take the UK out of the European Union without an agreement and called for a compromise on Brexit. He said he would give Parliament "one last chance" to vote on the existing agreement that Ms. May had negotiated with the bloc.

Before Mr. Stewart took part in the Tory leadership race in 2019, the member for Penrith and The Border delivered his own child.

In November 2014, Mr. Stewart delivered his son to the bathroom floor after his wife gave birth unexpectedly.

The deputy himself had delivered himself in the absence of a medical assistant.

And just nine months later, the Prime Minister hoped again to have to medically help another member of the family.

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Mr. Stewart's father, Brian, a D-Day veteran and former adventurer, became ill and his son tried to resuscitate him.

Unfortunately, his 93-year-old father is dead.

Mr. Stewart told The Times in 2016: "Two accidents occurred together.

"During this brief period, I made contact with my family unexpectedly in the modern world.

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"Normally, people are born in the hospital and die in the hospital – they are not born and do not die in the arms of a family member."

In his own book, The Marches, Stewart described his father's rib fracture as he tried to save him.

He wrote: "We had a typical and animated conversation only 10 minutes before his death.

"I felt good for giving birth to the baby [Alexander Wolf] effectively, and imagined that I was good in case of medical emergency.

"Not this time." My chest compressions did not save my father.

Who is Rory Stewart's wife, Shoshana Clark?

Mr. Stewart's wife, Shoshana Clark, is the former employee of the MP. She met when Mrs. Clark and her ex-husband volunteered at the Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan.

The couple was married in 2012 and had their first child, which Mr. Stewart had to give birth in 2014.

Today, they have two children together and their second child was born in April 2017.