Rosalia’s date with the Duke of ‘The Bridgertons’ and her meeting with the Dukes of Sussex

In just 48 hours, the Spanish singer has doubled with British royalty (fiction and real). Tra, tra!

It’s official: this week Rosalía has been crowned. And we are not talking about the undoubted international success of his music, but about his recent encounters with, literally, British royalty. And it is that this week the busy schedule of the Catalan artist included, first, a meeting with the actor René-Jean Page, better known as the Duke of Hastings for his role as ‘sex symbol’ in ‘The Bridgertons’, and, just a few hours later, an event in which they have also participated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Oh my God, Rosalía!

Rosalía and the Duke of ‘The Bridgertons’ date

Let’s start at the beginning: this weekend, the most international Spanish singer of the moment became the center of all eyes after going to the set of ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Bad Bunny to publicize her new song, ‘La last night ‘. Her pink satin look and her performance (perhaps the most sensual to date) spread like wildfire on social media, but for fans of fiction, the really important thing was … the duke of hastings I was also invited to the program!

Rosalía in a lingerie dress at ‘Saturday night live’. | Instagram @ rosalia.vt

Yes, although the meeting was brief, Rosalía can claim to have coincided in space-time with the interpreter who has starred in the most passionate romance in 19th century London. The series is already one of the great Netflix phenomena and René-Jean Page one of the men of the moment. Also, could your attempt to pronounce the Spanish woman’s name at the farewell to the ‘show’ be more fun?

The meeting of Rosalia and the Dukes of Sussex

But this has not been the only occasion in which we have seen the ‘Malamente’ rubbing shoulders with the ‘royals’ in recent days, because this Monday, the singer has participated in ‘Stream On’, a virtual event organized by Spotify in which they have also intervened, by surprise, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry promoting their ‘Archwell’ podcast. | Youtube

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This appearance has caused great interest given that it has occurred just after the final break of the Dukes of Sussex with the British crown was confirmed, a historical event that the press has dubbed ‘Megxit’ and that relegates both of their functions as senior members of the royal family. In addition, just a week ago the couple announced that they were expecting their second child, so this videoconference – in which they have talked about ‘Archwell Audio’, the podcast that they have launched on the platform – has put the finishing touch to the meeting , which has had a great international deployment thanks to the participation of well-known faces such as Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, J. Balvin or the former president of the United States Barack Obama.


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