ROUNDUP: Scottish Prime Minister fears no-deal Brexit | message

EDINBURGH (dpa-AFX) – In view of an impending severe economic break between Great Britain and the EU, Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has expressed concern. “I am frustrated and saddened by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit after the transition phase at the end of December,” said Sturgeon on Friday in Edinburgh. Actually, it is a time when “100 percent of our time and energy” is needed to contain the corona pandemic. In view of the limited time remaining, Sturgeon is assuming only a minimal compromise, even in the best case.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan called on Johnson to extend the Brexit transition period due to the ongoing corona pandemic. “The last thing London needs is the uncertainty and chaos of a no-deal Brexit,” wrote Khan on Twitter.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised his country on Friday to prepare for a tough cut. A trade pact with the EU for the time after the Brexit transition phase can only come about if the EU makes concessions. However, the international community wants to continue negotiations in London next week./swe/DP/stw

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