Roy Keane slams the “ridiculous” celebrations of Arwickal in Newcastle in anger

Roy Keane slammed Arsenal’s “ridiculous” celebrations after beating Newcastle 4-0 at the Emirates on Sunday.

The Gunners got their first win since New Year’s Day, when a second half defeat saw them hit the Magpies in the Emirates.

There were exhilarating scenes from Arsenal players when Alexandre Lacazette ended his goal with the drought to bag the final goal in standstill while being attacked by the players, including some involved on the bench.

But the former Manchester United captain, Keane, called their reaction to the victory “ridiculous”, claiming to have celebrated as if they were at the top of the table rather than languishing tenths in the Premier League.

Roy Keane slammed Arsenal’s “ridiculous” celebrations after beating Newcastle

“Very high,” Keane said on Sky Sports when asked if he liked Arsenal celebrations.

“When I was looking at it, I thought it was 10 clear points in the championship, just as they were celebrating towards the end.

“Forget Arsenal. Far beyond the best celebrations to beat Newcastle 4-0. Ridiculous.”

Lacazette said he was “touched” by the teammates’ reaction to his first goal since the beginning of December.

There were wild celebrations after Alexandre Lacazette’s late goal

Lacazette said: “I am really very happy because I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“Also, I am moved by the way all my teammates reacted when I scored that goal.

“It means a lot to me and a lot to the spirit we have in the team. This is fine.

“It was really difficult and complicated, because sometimes I had some games without possibility, sometimes I missed him or the goalkeeper saved him.

“Of course it’s always difficult for a striker not to score, but it happens in football. I hope it’s the last time for me.”

It was Lacazette’s first target since the beginning of December for the Gunners

The result, coupled with the Manchester City Champions League ban that could open the doors to fifth place to qualify for the competition, gave Arsenal’s hopes a shot in the arm.

But Jamie Carragher says the team isn’t good enough to secure a return to the Champions League.

Carragher told Sky Sports: “I think it was a great result for them, a brilliant second half performance, I thought the first half was really poor.

“I really don’t think Arsenal is really good enough.

Jamie Carragher says Arsenal is not good enough for the Champions League

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“Yes, they bridged the points gap. There were some goals in the game, Pepe scored, even Saka on the full back went very well.

“There has been a lot of positivity around Mikel Arteta on the way and how things have changed.

“In reality, the results have not changed much, indeed they have deteriorated somewhat.

“It was a great thing for them to get the win, but Arsenal is not good enough to enter the Champions League.”


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