Royal Caribbean blames the ‘reckless’ heedless for the death of the child on the cruise ship during a legal action

Royal Caribbean is urging a Florida judge to dismiss a lawsuit against the cruise line after the death of an 18-month-old boy who fell from the 11-story window of an ocean liner on a family vacation.

In a dismissal motion filed on January 8, the company accuses the boy’s grandfather of accidentally leaving Chloe Wiegand after losing his grip while keeping her out of the window.

The motion says, “His actions, which no reasonable person could have foreseen, were reckless and irresponsible and the only reason Chloe is no longer with his parents.”

The surveillance footage provided by the company reportedly shows Sam Ring as he “stands in front of the open window and exposes Chloe to the open window, which was 11 decks high above the ground, with nothing but a concrete pier underneath, for about 34 seconds aa which time has unfortunately fallen “, according to court statements.

In an unfair death lawsuit filed with the United States District Court last year after Chloe’s death, the Wiegand family claims that the company’s Freedom of the Sea ship had violated “national and international codes, standards, guidelines and recommendations applicable to Windows. ”

The lawsuit argues that “there was not a single, adequate indication that this glass wall was not actually a wall of fixed glass, but instead a glass wall with glass that could actually slide and remain open, like windows”.

None of the windows “contained a warning, a design decal on the glass or something to warn passengers … of the hidden danger that some of the glass windows in the center row could be opened,” says the lawsuit.

According to the version of the events in the lawsuit, Chloe asked to be raised to slam onto the glass, then went through “the only single pane, among dozens of panels, that has been completely opened”.

Mr. Ring was charged with manslaughter in Puerto Rico, where the ship was docked at the time of Chloe’s death. As part of a guilty plea, he received probation and supervision, but without prison time.

The Wiegand family said they did not support the accusations or the verdict in the Puerto Rico case.

Royal Caribbean says its surveillance footage “contradicts” the “version of the events of the cause” and leaves no room to dispute any facts about the incident. “

In the court case following the company’s attempt to close the case, the Wiegands asked the court to remove the footage from the register and accused the company of “failing to establish the authenticity of the videos and not providing sufficient details about their level of improvement”.


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