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Hello everyone. This is ZABOU’s man. We would like to introduce the popular military bread in the streets, especially today, “British Army Royal Navy Late Type USED Post-Dyeing”, which has become very few due to the recent military bread boom. Please.

There are countless items even if you call it a Royal Navy (Navy) item of the British Army. Among them, cargo pants, especially the late model with diagonal cargo pockets, are my favorites. This is extremely difficult to find in dead stock these days. I barely got USED this time, so I would like to propose it after dyeing.

As I said, the latter model of this Royal Navy has the biggest feature that the cargo pocket is diagonally attached. I dyed these nice royal navy pants in black. Since the base fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester, the synthetic fiber part cannot be dyed by the usual dyeing method. However, there is navy, which is the original color, on the base, and by multiplying it with black, it was reborn as an expressive black.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a good British favorite dark navy (black at first glance)? This is the real Royal Navy. The silhouette is straight with a little space, and the waist has a belt loop, but it is truly an Englishman. From the side of the waist belt, the back part is made into a tubular shape, and rubber is passed through it, and two buttonholes are opened on the left and right sides. What this means is that the waist can be shortened by 2 to 8 cm by fastening the adjuster (adjustment) button. It’s okay to lose weight a little. On the contrary, when you get fat, you should remove the button and leave it to the maximum plus the stretch of the fabric and the stretch of the rubber inside.

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How about such a wonderful British Royal Navy (Royal Navy) cargo pants (late model) over dye (black dyed) used (used)?

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