Rumor: The Coalition is working on a Star Wars game

The Coalition, one of the studies first-party most notorious of Microsoft, it could be working on a new IP of Star Wars. Jeff Grubb, recognized insider, states that in addition to supporting the development of Halo Infinite, this team has another interesting project up its sleeve.

During the most recent episode of The Game Mess Show, Grubb mentioned that The Coalition you are already working on a new IP. According to their sources, the IP in question is related to Star Wars, but Grubb not quite sure about this yet.

“The Coalition, Gears developers, are busy. They are supporting with Halo Infinite. That is one of the great projects that The Coalition is up to. Coalition is also making the next Gears game, obviously. But Coalition is also doing a third thing, and it is most likely a new IP.

Now, my sources say it could be a Star Wars game, but I have not been able to confirm this yet and they are rumors that have been bouncing around in multiple places, so it is difficult for me to trace their origin. Basically, I’m not really sure, but The Coalition does have a third project up its sleeve, so we’ll see what it turns out to be. “

Just last week a rumor also emerged that Microsoft I’d be working on a game of The Mandalorian which, obviously, would be exclusive to Xbox. For now, it is best to take this information with reservation until you have some kind of official confirmation.

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