Rumors of the iPad Pro 2021 and its possible news

When and how would the iPad Pro 2021 arrive

Numerous sources close to Apple’s supply chain have been stating for months that the company will launch a new generation of iPad Pro in the first quarter of 2021. Counting that we are ending February and there is no hint of a new launch, everything indicates that it will be March when we probably get to know the new devices. And we speak in the plural because despite the 11-inch model being questioned due to its resemblance to the iPad Air, it could finally be launched. Yes, there would be differences between 11 and 12.9-inch model apart from the size, something that would be unprecedented because it has not been seen until now.

Both models would have a chip A14X Bionic, which would be an improved version of the A14 processor incorporated in the iPhone 12 and the latest iPad Air. This first would bring an unprecedented performance improvement to some computers that currently have an A12Z that is still the most powerful of Apple without counting the M1 that some Macs carry. 5G connectivity for the first time to the WiFi + Cellular versions, being a brand new technology in a company tablet, but which the iPhone recently released.

In the aesthetic section there would be hardly any changes and bodies exactly the same as those of the current iPad Pro are expected, but at least the 12.9-inch model would integrate a miniLED display which would continue to have the valued 120 Hz refresh rate that current models with IPS panels already have. Of course, it is questioned whether this technology reaches the 11-inch model. All these developments have been commented on in previous months and reaffirmed once again by the company’s suppliers, as reported in a recent report by Digitimes.

The MacBook Pro will also bring miniLED

Another open secret that has been known for months, even before the MacBook Pro with an M1 chip was launched, is that this range of laptops will also have miniLED technology on their screens. There is some confusion with the times, since some suggest that it would also arrive in this first quarter of the year, although other voices indicate it by the end of the year. Regardless of when it is launched, it is expected to be accompanied by a design change that, according to the same sources, could bring very outstanding aesthetic novelties such as the reduction of frames in the 13-inch model reaching 14, as well as more integrated ports and even the return of MagSafe, although how he would do it is unknown.

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