Suspicions of Russian interference broke out in the UK legislative campaign. Parliament and opposition have urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to publish a potentially explosive report before the December 12 vote. Presented to the Prime Minister on 17 October, the report has not yet been made public. Faced with the impatience of Parliament and the opposition, in a country marked by the Skripal affair, named after the former Russian agent poisoned at Salisbury in 2018, the government is delaying.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), Dominic Grieve, called on Downing Street to publish the 50-page report drafted by this body so that it could be considered by Parliament before the elections. The former Conservative MP, who was banned from the party in September for voting with the opposition to prevent a Brexit without an agreement, said Tuesday in the Guardian columns "hallucinating" that the report is still not published.

Attempts to infiltrate the Tory party

According to the newspaper, the text examines Russian attempts at interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign. Including infiltration attempts by the Conservative Party of Boris Johnson. For Dominic Grieve, the lack of explanation to justify such a delay was "unprecedented". But according to a Downing Street spokesperson, the average time for commission reports in recent years is six weeks.

"The SAI deals with issues of national security and intelligence, their reports contain sensitive information," said the spokesman, justifying that their publication be subject to evaluation.

After a debate Monday in the House of Lords, the subject was the subject of heated exchanges on Tuesday in the House of Commons. The lower house of Parliament must be dissolved Wednesday in view of the elections triggered to break the Brexit deadlock, deputies, too divided on the subject, having failed to get a majority on how they want to implement the exit of the EU.

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