A mother of two lost almost ten bricks after finding out that her husband had cheated her with his ex-girlfriend – and then kicked him to the curb. Glamorous Russian Evgenia Vorobiyova, 31, has become a celebrity in Russia after people have followed her slimming journey on Instagram. In just 20 months almost half of her body weight lost. Evgenia says that finding the father of her two children had been unfaithful, the catalyst she needed to lose weight. Scroll down for video

Enchanting Russian Evgenia Vorobiyova, 31, saw her weight spiral to 20 stones after she had two children. However, when she found out that her partner had deceived her, she decided to lose weight and document her dramatic transformation in 20 months at Instgram

On 20 stone: Evgenia, now a star in her native Russia, says that her husband's infidelity was the cause of her weight loss; the story has earned its thousands of followers on social media

Enchanting Russian Evgenia Vorobiyova, 31, saw her weight spiral to 20 stones after she had two children. However, when she found out that her partner had deceived her, she decided to lose weight and document her dramatic transformation on Instagram for 20 months.

After weighing 20 stones once, the beautiful brunette now enchants the dishes on a little more than ten stone and says she knew she should lose her husband as soon as she found out he was unfaithful

A dish that is best served cold! Evgenia introduced herself with her previous husband after she lost the weight

Now the Instagram star is looking for love again. Evgenia, 31, even went to a Russian dating show Let's get Married to meet a new man and an incredibly handsome & # 39; meet a man

While the husband of Evgenia initially her & # 39; curves & # 39; supported, he eventually became rude and he started to stay away from home, which led her to fear that he had an affair

After the birth of the weight after the birth of her second child, Evgenia says that her self-confidence has fallen sharply and she found it difficult to share photos of herself on social media. According to Eggenia, she started arriving for the first time when she had children. She explains: "I had never been skinny, but I was not fat either. Of course I gained some weight during my first pregnancy. Fortunately she settled in motherhood, she did not try to lose extra pounds and focused on raising her children. After her second child, she said her weight increased further, spiraling to an unhealthy 20 stones and making her feel depressed. Evgenia says: & # 39; I could not look at myself in the mirror. Everything was fat, cellulite, my skin was like orange peel. I was ashamed to place my photos in social networks. & # 39;

& # 39; If you want to change your life, you must start with yourself & # 39; The mother of the two registered for a gym and started training

The mother of the two says she started to eat healthy – heavy food on the lawn – and went to the gym and while her weight went down, she got many followers on Instagram. She says that social media pressures to look slim her time saw her try to edit photos. & # 39; s: & # 39; I spent hours with my phone trying to use Photoshop and make myself slimmer but failed. Initially supporting her husband, her husband told her that he loved her curves. He tried to deny it by saying that he was just talking to her. And he also began to blame me … by saying that I had a postnatal depression … But their relationship hit the cliffs with her former partner who & # 39; rude & # 39; against her and often stay away from home. She discovered that he checked his mobile phone calls that he was in contact with his ex-girlfriend. The mother of the two says: "He tried to deny it, he said he was just talking to her. And he started blaming me too. He said I had a postnatal depression and he needed advice from this lady about how she should deal with me. & # 39; she said: & # 39; After this betrayal, I have revised my values. I understood that it was time to change.

Dramatic transformation: the would-be model spends its time updating its followers on social media with its weight loss

Evgenia threw herself into motherhood and, during pregnancy, proposed to lose weight after she felt depressed and unhealthy after her husband's betrayal

She now enjoys a prominent place in Russia after appearing on a reality show Let Married, where she went with a fellow candidate. Pictured with the hosts of the show. I have decided that neither children nor business or anything else is more important than myself. & # 39; I thought that if you want to change your life, you should start with yourself. I have set a goal: 60 kg weight loss (not a half brick). "She gave up her beloved meat and baked potatoes, along with sausages and pastries, and started eating healthy food, and she also drank a slimming drink containing fats, proteins and carbohydrates plus minerals and vitamins to accurately follow her caloric intake.

Focused on motherhood: Evgenia says she gained weight after having her two children. Because of healthy work-outs in the gym, the weight was also reduced. And shortly after she reached her optimum weight, she decided to relieve the man who made her unhappy. She has since played on the Russian television program Let & # 39; s Get Married while she is looking for a new partner. When she appears on the show, she says: "I was very flattered and in the finals I got a man," she said. & # 39; He was incredibly handsome. We are a great match and we still have contact. He lives in St. Petersburg. If he calls me to come to him, I will certainly think about it. & # 39;


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