The Chief of the Defense Staff criticizes Russia's "imprudent behavior and disrespect for international law".

He addresses a warning to the international community. Russia's "reckless" behavior and its violations of international law may "accidentally" trigger a new global conflict, warned Sunday the British Chief of the Defense Staff, General Nick Carter.

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"Ambitious states like Russia, China and Iran are asserting themselves in a way that is a challenge to our security, stability and prosperity," he writes. The Sunday Telegraph on the occasion of Remembrance Day, a tribute to fallen British and Commonwealth soldiers.

"New types of weapons"

According to him, they operate in a "gray zone" with "new types of weapons" such as cyberattacks, the dissemination of false information or the use of private military companies that "undermine our political cohesion and insidiously destroy our mode of life".

"Russia is much safer than it was ten years ago and now has confidence when it asserts itself as a global power," he added on the BBC.

And to quote as examples, in the Sunday newspaper, the "infamous activities" in Africa of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, suspected of belonging to a businessman close to the Kremlin, or a misinformation operation in several African countries, dismantled by Facebook, led from Russia by the network of a close Vladimir Putin.

"Lack of respect for international law"

"I do not insinuate that our opponents want to go to war according to the traditional definition of the term, but imprudent behavior and lack of respect for international law (…) may lead to escalation that can easily lead to inadvertent judgment error, "said General Carter.

The West is worried about Russia after a series of cyber attacks attributed to the Kremlin, which denies, against targets as diverse as the world sports organizations, the US Democratic Party and the OPCW, based in Netherlands.

In this context, NATO "remains a very important element of our national security," according to the British Chief of Staff, interviewed by Sky News. This week, French President Emmanuel Macron who ruled that NATO was in a state of "brain death".