Ruth Beitia would be bronze in London 2012 after TAS decision


  • The TAS confirms that the Russian jumper loses her results at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • The COE intends to deliver the medal to Beitia when it arrives in a ceremony, as it did with Lydia Valentín’s gold

    Ruth Beitia is today closer to receiving, nine years later, the bronze that he won in the high jump of the London 2012 Olympics. The Cantabrian then competed at her best level, jumping 2 meters to the first, but that did not help her to access the podium. The Russian blocked his way Svetlana Shkolina, who jumped up to 2.03 meters, but his sanction for doping would have to make Beitia inherit the medal after the Superior Court of Arbitration (TAS) reiterated this Thursday the sanction of World Athletics for which the jumper would be disqualified from that date.

    In reality, Shkolina never tested positive for doping, but was instead sanctioned along with 11 other Russian athletes based on the revelations of the McLaren report, an investigation by the World Anti-Doping Agency carried out by the Professor of Law Richard McLaren and published in 2016, shortly before the Rio Olympics. That document pointed out the organized doping of Russia and the concealment of positives between 2011 and 2015, which would have benefited Shkolina in sport.

    The CAS already sanctioned the Russian jumper on February 1, 2019 in the first instance, but the appeal of the athlete and the Russian Athletics Federation have caused the court based in Lausanne to have to reaffirm its decision with a change: Shkolina would lose all results from July 16, 2012 to December 31, 2014 and not until July 28, 2015, as it originally ruled. The change, in reality, does not return any important victories to him and continues to deprive him of both his Olympic bronze and the world title he won the following year in Moscow with 2.03m.

    The official results still do not reflect it

    The official website of the IOC reflects the gold of the Russian in its official results Anna Chicherova (2.05m), who lost eight years later the bronze four years earlier in Beijing 2008 for positive for the anabolic steroid turinabol, but not the gold of London, the silver of the American Brigetta Barret and the bronze appears deserted, with Beitia still 4th, but the new decision of the TAS should end with its bronze. The Cantabrian was 3rd in the 2013 London World Cup won by Shkolina, so that other bronze should be converted to silver.

    From the Spanish Olympic Committee they explain that until Shkolina does not physically return her bronze, this medal would not be sent to Spain to be delivered to Ruth Beitia. When this happens, the forecast is to perform an act of awarding the medal, as it already happened with the weightlifter Lydia valentin, which in 2019 received the gold of London 2012 in Madrid, where it finished 4th defeated then by three rivals who were doping.

    It so happens that Beitia would win an Olympic bronze by jumping more (2.00m) than she needed four years later to be Olympic champion at Rio 2016 (1.97m). The jumper would give the 15th Olympic medal to Spanish athletics and would premiere the medal table in London, where the sport returned empty. In any case, the bronze was already announced on February 1, 2019 and, more than two years later, it still has not been received.

    Shkolina will lose all of his titles, results, prizes and money won in competition during that period of time. The TAS also decided to reduce her sanction that prevents her from competing from 4 years to 2 years and 9 months from February 1, 2019, but this has little effect on the Russian jumper, who is now 35 years old and has not competed since 2017.

    Ukhov loses gold in height

    The decisions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport also affect the Olympic male height champion in London 2012 Ivan Ukhov, who then won with 2.38m and does not appear as a champion for the IOC either. In the current results there is no gold medalist, an honor that should go to the American Erik Kynard. The canadian Derek Drouin, the British Robert Grabarz and the Qatari Mutaz essa barshim, who shared the bronze with 2.29 meters, will have to be elevated to silver.

    Who will not lose the Olympic titles will be Natalya Antyukh, who won the gold in 400m. billboards in London, and Andrey Silnov, Olympic height champion in Beijing 2008. The two are accused of using prohibited methods, no further details have been disclosed, as has also emerged from the McLaren investigation. In their case, the sanction begins today and they lose their titles since July 2013, when they had already won all the medals of their career.

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