Ryanair introduced new cabin baggage rules in November, drastically reducing the baggage allowance. Under the new policy, only a small handbag or laptop-sized bag is allowed on board. It must not exceed 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm to be admitted in the cabin for free. The best way to defeat the system has now been revealed in a video that quickly develops virally.

A travel blogger has revealed on her website how she manages to pack enough stuff while following the rules of Ryanair.

Pip Jones revealed in the clip how she managed to fit enough things into a purse for a weekend break.

The most important tip for packaging is to roll the clothes instead of flattening them.

Your bag adheres to the 40 x 20 x 25 cm limitation of low-cost airlines, but can contain an impressive amount.

The timelapse shows Pip fitting in three tops, jeans, two dresses, some underwear and socks, and a Mac laptop.

It also features a camera, GoPro camera, notebook, chargers, wireless earphones, power bank, portable Wi-Fi and mini-toiletries.

Pip wrote on Twitter: "Travel fans! Take a short city break with Ryanair? Save money and travel easily with only a small bag on board [40 x 20 x 25cm],

"I made a cheeky little timelapse to pack only the most important city breaks for my trip to Rome on Sunday!"

Travelers should think carefully about what they are carrying for the flight, which could help them.

Pip wrote: "You can save a lot of space by rolling clothes and only carrying a pair of shoes to take to the airport.

"You can also wear your heavier clothes to get your flight, including coat, hat, scarf, etc. They are super comfortable and save space when packing."

For Ryanair passengers who want to bring more luggage, they can go for a preferential price for € 6 priority and bring both a small and a larger bag for the luggage compartment.

Pip is far from the only person looking for original methods to surpass the new rules of the Irish airline.

A Ryanair customer went ingenuously when he commissioned the help of a tailor to modify a coat so he could keep all his belongings.

He used old pair of underwear as big extra pockets on the inside of the coat where he could store clothes.

The tailor also added a shoe compartment and sewed small laundry bags, in which he could store little things and objects.

There was also a small plastic bag in which he could store his liquids in accordance with the security regulations of the airport.

The entertaining viral video showed the man trying to get through the airport without getting caught.