If you think that animals are out of control with emotional support, prepare for the message of a clown with emotional support.

A copywriter from Auckland brought a clown to his redundancy meeting, as reported in the New Zealand Herald on Friday for the first time.

Under New Zealand law, employers must allow workers to bring a supporter to serious disciplinary meetings, which are usually related to a possible dismissal of a worker.

After FCB New Zealand lost a major customer and layoffs began, Josh Thompson, who had reportedly been with the company for five months, received a threatening e-mail from his supervisor saying "Bad News. We have a meeting to discuss your role. "

Upcoming comedian Thompson was faced with the task of finding a suitable point of contact for the potentially tense meeting.

The clown, whom Thompson calls "Joe," made balloon animals throughout the meeting, including a poodle. His antics were screeching and Thompson's bosses had to ask him several times to calm down.

"It's better understood," the herald reported, "that the clown imitated the weeping when the redundancy paperwork was handed over."

A picture of the meeting, taken by an unknown spectator through the glass doors of a boardroom, is of poor quality, although it can be seen that Joe, the clown, wears a colorful hat and a yellow bib, and that Thompson leans back Chair, indeed looks relaxed for someone who is about to be fired.

Thompson said to Magic Talk, "I mean, I was fired, but otherwise everything went smoothly."

Fortunately, Thompson will not be unemployed for a long time. Australian advertising agency DDB has confirmed that Thompson will take on a new role in her office next week.

At the time of publication, no reports have suggested how things go with Joe.