"She was just thinking that some things would stay in the center of the house and I tried to tell her no," her son Errol Navickas told CNN in front of her mother's home. "The facade of the house is all that is there."

The fire north of Los Angeles destroyed 31 homes and burned over 7,500 hectares, the Los Angeles Fire Department said. More than 1,000 firefighters fought the fire, but it remains limited to 13% by Friday.

A firefighter was injured at one eye, but no deaths were associated with the fire, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters.

About 100,000 people were forced to evacuate homes in several Los Angeles neighborhoods when the fire began to spread rapidly, fueled by the strong winds of Santa Ana and the low rate of humidity .

At Porter Ranch, Andro Mammo chased his siblings from the flames as quickly as possible when the fire broke out at their home.

Live Updates: Fires Around North Los Angeles

"When I looked in my yard, I saw flames and saw how close it was, and my number one instinct was not to seize it. clothes or anything, but look for my little brother and my little sister, "recalls Mammo. .

A photo taken by Andro Mammo shows Los Angeles's Porter Ranch neighborhood in flames.

Some residents were allowed to return home or close to their homes, but city officials said the danger had not yet passed.

"It's not fire in itself, but the danger of wind that can cause a limb to blow it somewhere and see the whole neighborhood lit up overnight," Garcetti said.

The Saddleridge fire is just one of many fires in southern California fueled by one of those fires that killed at least one person, and many parts of the region are under fire. Red alert – which means there is a high risk of fire – until Saturday afternoon.

Saddleridge's fire jumped two highways

The Saddleridge fire broke out around 9 pm AND skipped highways 210 and 5, and parts of these roads and the 405 were closed when orange embers lit up the night sky. By the end of Thursday, he had emptied 60 hectares; A few hours later, the property's acreage rose to over 4,000 acres, fire officials said.

The cause of the fire was not known immediately.

Hector Landeros, who lives in the Sylmar area of ​​northeastern Los Angeles, said he heard fire trucks and police cars driving at full speed as the flames drew closer.

"In some areas, the streets have begun to empty, but on the front lines, people are watching, waiting on the sidewalk without knowing what to do," he told CNN on Friday. "Many people are trying to get into their neighborhoods."

The Saddleridge fire lights up near a firefighter in Los Angeles & # 39; Porter Ranch District.

Shaun Butch said he saw flames on both sides of the highway when driving on Interstate 5.

"Everything was engulfed in the smoke and visibility was so low that it was difficult to drive." All passengers from Interstate 5 North were arrested and trapped, but they were still able to cross the road. 39, Interstate 5 North. "

Patsy Zamora said that while she was driving on the highway with the fire near the truck, she could feel the heat through the windows.

A helicopter dropped water while it was fighting the Saddleridge fire in northeastern Los Angeles on Friday.

At Porter Ranch, firefighters from neighboring Orange County arrived just in time to prevent the fire from sinking into Francisco and Flora Villalta's home on Friday morning.

A CNN team watched firefighters firing water through the barrier fence at Villaltas, stopping the flames at the edge of the property after climbing the nearby hills.

"I was crying because (I thought) our house was gone," said Flora Villalta. "But then … the fire truck (came) .We were praying for someone."

A firefighter sprays water in the form of flames to a house in Los Angeles. Porter Ranch area Friday morning.
In Sylmar, Mojdan Darabi's husband was spraying a hose on their home and garden, reported CNN's subsidiary, KABC. They both stood outside, anxiously watching the flames in the surrounding hills.

"Yes, I'm worried, but I'm just shooting water everywhere to stop the fire from here," the husband said.

The poor quality of the air has led to the closure of schools

The courses were canceled in about 40 schools in the Los Angeles area after poor air quality was reported, Sgt. Rudy Perez with the Los Angeles School Police Department said.

Perez said all schools in the San Fernando Valley were closed at noon and all extracurricular activities were canceled on Friday.

A number of colleges and other schools also closed Friday because of the fire, including State University of California at Northridge and the Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar.
The unified school district of Los Angeles has closed dozens of schools and announced that bus service throughout the district would be delayed.
Courses in the Santa Clarita area are also canceled, officials said.
A woman leaves her house with her cat while the fire of Saddleridge threatens homes in Los Angeles. Granada Hills Region on Fridays.

This is one of the many fires in the area

The Saddleridge fire is one of the many fires in Southern California.

Another fire – the sandalwood fire at Calimesa, 100 km east of Los Angeles – has killed at least one person, according to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Details on this death were not immediately available.

The fire, which began in the form of a fire that has spread to vegetation, has destroyed at least 76 structures since its start Thursday afternoon, said Chad Bianco, sheriff of Riverside County. He burned more than 820 acres and was at least 10% under control Friday.

The sandalwood fire in Calimesa destroyed 74 structures.
Captain Fernando Herrera of Cal Fire Riverside told KABC, a subsidiary of CNN, that the fire "had become uncontrollable" due to the winds of Santa Ana.

"It started by devouring vegetation as quickly as the eye can see," he said.

Residents are subject to mandatory evacuation orders and 250 firefighters are assigned to the area.

The fire burned several buildings in the Villa Calimesa mobile home park.
Less than 20 miles in the Moreno Valley, the fire Reche burned at least 350 acres and was 40% content. The fire went from 100 to 200 acres in about 90 minutes, before almost doubling two hours later. Mandatory evacuations have been organized in the area and the cause is being studied.
Southern California Edison cut electricity to nearly 24,000 customers on Thursday to prevent forest fires caused by high winds destroying live-feed equipment.
In Northern California, Pacific Gas & Electric utilities have also cut electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers this week, hoping to avoid forest fires in windy weather.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misspelled the name of Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore and misidentified the agency he ran.

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