Sainsbury evacuation: Epsom superstore evacuated due to “accident” – Police on stage | United Kingdom | news

Social media erupted with a barrage of posts saying that Sainsbury on Kiln Lane was evacuated along with the supermarket giant’s parking lot. A commentator warned to avoid the area. The post read: “We are aware of an accident on Sainsburys Kiln Lane. The shop and parking are being evacuated. We have been informed that it is because of a bomb fear.

“We will keep you updated when we have news. AREA AVOIDED.”

Another commentator said: As soon as we left there, the staff couldn’t get out quickly enough. “

The shop is located near a school.

Epsom & Ewell police wrote on Twitter: “I am sorry for all the buyers.

“Kiln Lane in #Epsom is currently #RoadClosedNo sign of entry as we face an accident.

“Police car.”

It comes the same day a Waitrose in Banstead was also evacuated after fears of a suspicious package.

Reigate Police said on Twitter: “Thanks to Waitrose #Banstead and the customers for accompanying us while the shop was evacuated and road closures were closed while we are dealing with a report of a suspicious package.”

A Surrey police spokesman added: “Search-trained officers are participating in the scene, but no suspicious packages have been found at the moment.”

The police were called to the famous main street shop just before 11.30 am.

In addition to the evacuation, a cordon was closed to close the surrounding streets.

Sniffer dogs are also believed to be in use while specialist police officers investigate reports of the suspect package.

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