salary, 66,000 euros per year

Are you a photographer living in the UK? Well, you may be interested in the offer that the British Government has just published: they are looking for a professional photographer to improve the image of the cabinet. The salary, £ 60,000 a year, just over 66,000 euros.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, the cabinet office has published a job offer specifying that the candidate’s mission should be “visually promote the work of ministers and the Government. “

The offer is very descriptive: “No two days will be the same on this job. One day he may accompany a Cabinet Minister on an international visit, working closely with press officers across Whitehall to create a coordinated series of content, and the next he will be working in the Cabinet Office producing innovative visual content. “

Indeed, the candidate must be aware that the job entails exits abroad and very flexible hours.

The candidate must have certain requirements: “It will require a high level of tenacity, confidence and determination, combined with a good sense of current affairs, a high degree of political awareness and exceptional relationship management skills.” In addition, it must be “very motivated” and should be “comfortable working autonomously in a high pressure environment.”

This photographer is independent of the one already works exclusively for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and that he was also David Cameron’s official photographer.


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