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Inmobiliaria CELTIC is a service company, dedicated to real estate marketing and consulting to achieve successful operations.

We provide you with professional and comprehensive advice to provide total security for your assets, offering you the utmost discretion and ethics that this service demands.


Achieve the sale of your property:

a) At the best price
b) In the shortest possible time
c) Without setbacks
d) And with the greatest satisfaction of our customers.
e) Using state-of-the-art Internet technology, videos, search engine positioning.


We have a team of certified Advisors. We allocate greater resources for promotion and advertising, in the best positions We offer you a wide service hours We keep open communication and constant feedback We provide you with a true Comprehensive Advice (Tax, Notarial, Commercial, Financial, etc.) We prepare tailored contracts We provide you with effective tax guidance We act ethically and with discretion We inform you in writing of the actions and results of the promotion We carry out real and professional value studies at no cost to you We use state-of-the-art technology for the commercialization of real estate. We bring you duly qualified prospects We have corporate offices and well located We represent a true added value to your heritage!

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