Sales of 5G smartphones will reach 550 million units

Sales of 5G smartphones are expected to be the great boost in the industry and the volume of shipments will reach 550 million units this 2021 worldwide.

Industry experts are confident that 2021 will be the year of great adoption of 5G smartphones. Taking into account the data published by various industry sources on the evolution of the sale of these devices, Digitimes has published a series of predictions, according to which, this year shipments of smarphones 5G will reach 550 million units globally.

According to IDC, in 2020, 5G-enabled models accounted for about 10% of total smartphone production, which was 1.29 billion units, a decrease of 5.9% compared to 2019.

Sales of 5G smartphones will quadruple this 2021

Taking this into account, experts expect that this year the sales of 5G smartphones will quadruple, provided that two key factors are met for their promotion, such as the reduction in the price of the devices and the expansion of 5G coverage.

For now, since Huawei They have already announced that the deployment of 5G networks has entered a rapid phase and that they will have news related to this technology that they will present on the market shortly. In China alone, the firm expects that there will be 500 million 5G users this year.

High demand for the 5G mid-range

In this expected growth of 5G smartphones, manufacturers are especially optimistic about the mid-range 5G models, which they expect to see a notable boom in 2021.

Brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, and Realme have already started making adjustments to beef up their mid-range offering, where competition is expected to be fierce. Here, Xiaomi It will become one of the great competitors to beat in the face of the important market share that it has been grabbing in recent years thanks to its devices with a great price-performance ratio.

Sales of 5G smartphones reached 300 million units last year

Figures from Digitimes Research show that while global shipments of smartphones fell in 2020, especially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, shipments of 5G smartphones grew from approximately 20 million units in 2019 to between 280 and 300 million units.

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A figure that is expected to quadruple this year pending the news that will appear on the market soon.

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