Salinas in the eye of the storm: FA summons the minister for deaths in residential

To the 13 deaths in a residential area in Fray Bentos in the last hours, another 8 were added in the Durazno department, which led the Broad Front (FA) to summon the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, to the Health Commission of the Senate to provide explanations for the recent deaths in these facilities for older adults.

The spokesman for the FA Senate’s bench, Óscar Andrade, was the one who confirmed the call to the other parties and the media. The parliamentarian assured that his political party is “very concerned about the health policy” that the Government is carrying out, and also stated that the Executive Power is “distant” from the scientific community.

Regarding what happened in Fray Bentos, the legislator assured that “we have been in contact with intensive care physicians, and it is very rare that people do not even have intermediate care. What we ask is to listen to the minister’s explanations about something that is of extraordinary concern.

Uruguay registered 1,614 positive cases of coronavirus this Tuesday, in a total of 13,955 analyzes processed. The National Emergency System (SINAE) reported that 1,499 cases reported out of date by laboratories were included in the total number of cases accumulated since March; figure that amounts to 123,063.

Of the total new cases, 679 are from Montevideo, 190 from Canelones, 123 from Rivera, 112 from Cerro Largo, 78 from Salto, 78 from San José, 61 from Maldonado, 55 from Río Negro, 50 from Soriano, 33 from Artigas, 29 from Colonia, 28 from Lavalleja, 24 from Paysandú, 23 from Treinta y Tres, 17 from Rocha, 16 from Florida, 12 from Tacuarembó, 4 from Flores and 2 from Durazno.

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In addition, for the second consecutive day, the Sinae reported 45 deaths with a diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 in our country.

According to the latest SINAE report, 25,309 people are currently suffering from the disease, of which 432 patients are admitted to intensive care. So far all 19 departments have active cases.

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