Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold: The most versatile phone of the Korean great

Samsung develops a foldable double screen phone, making it the brand’s most versatile phone.

In a short time it has managed to emerge as a market leader in the new segment of folding phones, Samsung is the only manufacturer that has launched two completely different types of folding phones: el Galaxy Z Flip has the design of a folding phone and el Galaxy Z Fold 2 deployed on a tablet, but still they keep experimenting with many types of designs and this is one result of it.

Earlier this year it was announced that they have a retractable phone prototype and recently it was announced that they are working on the Samsung Galaxy Roll, this device will compete directly with LG’s rollable phone expected next year.

Samsung has only launched folding smartphones where the screen in the folded position is on the inside, the Korean manufacturer is also exploring the possibility of a folding outward screen, such as el Huawei mate X or as Xiaomi phone which was shown in early 2019.

Samsung Display has applied for a design patent that was published by the KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Office) on October 6, 2020. The application dates from September 2018, even long before Xiaomi will show its dual folding phone.

Samsung’s proprietary phone has an outward-folding screen. You can rotate the left and right side of the screen backwards. When folded, a relatively short and wide device is at your disposal, when fully deployed it creates a screen increasing in size by 85%.

3D graphic designer Giuseppe Spinelli, also known as Snoreyn, made a series of 3D renderings based on the sketches of the Samsung Display patents, he has also got to work to make a conceptual video of the Galaxy Z Flip.

In the renders, only the screen is observed leaving aside cameras, speakers, or visible control buttons, since the patent was presented by Samsung Display and not Samsung Electronics, so there is still much to know about this phone

The idea of ​​this double folding phone is nothing new, since Samsung in previous years has patented similar phones, but with differences between them, to begin with, the hinge of this phone makes it seem less futuristic, but it brings new control options.

In the patent it can be seen that the phone has a double hinge which Samsung intends to give a lot of flexibility in the use of this phone, by allowing the user to fix the phone at different angles, such as when fixing it to be able to use the lower part as a keyboard, while the upper part would be used to display the content and having it fully unfolded creating an even much larger screen surface, which will make the advantages of this more visible.

Much has changed in the field of folding phones in recent years. Given that the patent was already applied for in 2018, we can assume that Samsung has already made great and important advances in development both in terms of design and functionality.

The office goes everywhere

This patent makes it clear that Samsung wants to use phones to increase productivity. By using the phone as a tablet or as a compact laptop, making it a versatile device, of course it will have its limitations and it cannot be a substitute for a laptop.

This type of model can still provide added value for the business market, allowing the user to be able to do some office automation a little more like the PC and the phone is still compact enough to carry it all day.

Time will tell if Samsung can maintain its lead, but it is clear that the Korean manufacturer sees a bright future for mobile phones that it can easily fold and unfold to make a multifunctional mobile device.

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