San Marino. The worst national team in the world finally achieved a draw

In football, only victories are celebrated but there are draws that usually have a taste of triumph. To La San Marino team equalize on the scoreboard is reason to write a new page in your 30 year history as a team recognized by FIFA.

Last Tuesday October 13 was recorded in the history of 168 matches between officials and friendlies, since San Marino drew without goals against Liechtenstein in play corresponding to Group N of the UEFA Nations League.

San Marino is managed by Franco Varrella since 2018 and is in the FIFA ranking at 210, that is to say, the worst team in the world. The best place he has reached is 121 in 1993, the year in which he had 7 official World Cup qualifying matches. his first draw against Turkey on March 10, 1993.

The second positive result came in 2001 with the 1-1 equality against Latvia and then they obtained the third against Liechtenstein with a 2-2, but it was a friendly game. The glory of the victory was in his 65th match on April 28, 2004 with Liechtenstein as the victim. In fact, Liechtenstein has given them a total of two draws and one win in six games played between the two teams.


The last game in which San Marino added was the November 15, 2014 with 0-0 against Estonia as part of the Qualification for Euro 2016. On October 13, San Marino added again and did so precisely by visiting Liechtenstein.


San Marino as selection was recognized by FIFA and UEFA in 1988 and his first official match It occurred on November 14, 1990 against Switzerland. However, as a recognized territory it dates back thousands of years, as San Marino is the oldest Sovereign State in the world and it is surrounded by Italian territory.

Geographically, San Marino is known as an enclave, a territory with jurisdiction surrounded by another territory with independent jurisdiction, that is, Italy.

For being microstate its population is reduced to 35 thousand inhabitants and leave a margin of barely a thousand men who can become footballers, but a minimum amount reaches professionalism and the showcase league is Serie A in Italy, where he managed to reach Massimo Bonini in 1980 with Juventus.

Similarly, this selection has had cases of nationals such as Andy Selva, who is Italian with a San Marino mother and who is the current scorer of the team with 8 goals of the 24 that the San Marino National Team has registered in friendly and official matches.




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