Sandra Oh wrote history when she received a Golden Globe award on Sunday evening – but she was not the only member of her family to be in the spotlight with the awards. On the contrary. The 47-year-old, who not only co-hosted the prize-giving ceremony, but also won the prize for the best performance by an actress in a drama series, shared the moment with her proud parents, who enthralled Twitter with their incredibly enthusiastic response. to win her. Once the name of Sandra was announced as the winner of the category – in which she was nominated for her role in Killing – the camera's to let her parents, Oh Junsu and Jeon Young-, clap, while her father even gave her a standing ovation.

The stars of the night: the parents of Sandra Oh Oh Junsu and Jeon Young-took earned viral fame thanks to their enthusiastic response to the Golden Globes victory of their daughter on Sunday evening

Devoted: the 47-year-old who co-organized the ceremony and won the prize for the best performance by an actress in a drama series, thanked her parents in her speech

Overwhelmed: Sandra & # 39; s father Oh Junsu gave her a standing ovation when she entered the stage, before she thanked her parents in Korean and bowed to them as a sign of love and respect

Leading lights: Social media broke out with praise for the couple after their sweet response to the camera was recorded and broadcast to the millions of viewers at home. The sweet moment sparked social media, hundreds of people who took the time to comment on Sandra's proud mother and father, whom she assured, received a special word of thanks in her word of thanks. Sandra devoted her prize to her parents, who moved from Korea to Canada in the 1960s before speaking directly to Korean. She fought back as she said: "There are two people here tonight that I am so grateful to be here with me. I would like to thank my mother and my father. The grinning couple received their own applause from the audience – a feeling that was repeated over and over again on Twitter, as shared images of users and users and gifs from the duo happily clapping for their beloved daughter. Some Twitter users even admitted that the moment reduced them to tears of joy, with one person writing: "I literally began to roar when @IamSandraOh thanked her parents in Korean at the Golden Globes." user added: & # 39; Just throw human tears in the holes. @IamSandraOh thank her parents, "while another ascends: & # 39; When I saw that the parents of Sandra Oh gave her a standing ovation, my eyes leaked. & # 39;

Winners! Many people were quick to celebrate the moment online, with some claiming that this was the best part of the show, while others said it was better than 2018 & # 39; made

Important: Others praised Sandra for speaking with her parents in Korean during her acceptance speech, and then bending for them from the stage

Special: Netflix emphasized Sandra Oh & # 39; s mother Jeon Young-specifically took a sweet tweet Many people praised Sandra and her parents for stealing the show during the awards ceremony, with a number of Twitter users who claimed that this was the most special and memorable moment was all evening. I think we can all say that the highlight of the #GoldenGlobes was Sandra Oh and her parents, & # 39; a person noticed, while another persisted: & # 39; Sandra's parents have won the night # GoldenGlobes & # 39; I even went so far as to say that the couple's response to their daughter's Golden Globes victory had a lot done more than to steal the spotlight during the show, with the writing: "The parents of Sandra Oh have made 2019 better than 2018. & # 39; Others have in the meantime only expressed their joy about seeing so & # 39; n & # 39; cute & # 39; & # 39; moment unfold on the screen in front of them. & @ 39; @ IamSandraOh & # 39; s parents are so cute & # 39 ;, a person said, while another came up to say: "The best thing about the @goldenglobes was @ IamSandraOh & # 39; s parents! & # 39; Needless to say that the couple is now almost as famous as their daughter – who earned much praise for her hosting skills on Sunday evening.

Teary eyed: many people said they were trapped to tears after they had seen the sweet moment on their screen

Real champions: Sandra's parents were branded the best part of the award ceremony by many Twitter users. Although it may be their most striking appearance at a prize-giving ceremony so far, it is not the first time that Oh Junsu and Jeon Young-nam have attended such a glistening event. The couple has been a fairly fixed value on the circuit of the prize season since the very beginning of Sandra's career and did a number of performances at various ceremonies alongside their beloved daughter. Oh Junsu and Jeon Young – together with Sandra – included the Primetime Emmy Awards, both in 2006 and 2008, and are also portrayed with a few less glamorous issues, including the opening night of its off-Broadway gaming satellites in 2006. Interestingly, Sandra has spoken in the past about her parents' disapproval of her search for a career in the arts, who in the past revealed their upset after she had rejected a scholarship for journalism at Carleton University to study at the National College. Theater School of Canada. & # 39; It was very, very heavy & # 39 ;, she told Ellen DeGeneres in a performance in 2007 on her talk show. "Because, like, you know, my parents looked down on art at that time … It's like a step above, you know, prostitution." Sandra, whose father is a businessman, while her mother is a biochemist, also told the TV host that she is the only person in my family who has no master in something & # 39 ;, revealing that her sister became a lawyer , while her brother obtained a doctorate in medical genetics.

Champion: Sandra is the first Asian woman to win the prize for the best performance of an actress in a television series drama

Unique: the former Gray & # 39; s Anatomy star is also the first Asian woman to win multiple Golden Globes after winning a prize in 2006 for her role in Gray & # 39; s Anatomy

Family first: Sandra, pictured with members of her family, has said in the past that her parents were disappointed when she chose to pursue an acting career

Support: although they seem to have changed their way of voting and have supported their daughter for years at various events, including this off-Broadway premiere in 2006

Veterans: The couple attended a number of prize ceremonies with their daughter, including the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2006 (left) and 2008 (right). But whatever her parents first thought of her acting career, it seems that they have since changed their song – to the point of doing a complete 180, if their support on Sunday night is something to do. Despite having no masters like her brothers and sisters, Sandra is at the top of her field and has earned herself a reputation as one of the most respected and talented actors in the industry, as well as positioning herself in the history books. In addition to the sweet reaction of her parents, Sandra's victory at this year's Golden Globes will go down in history for another important reason. The former Gray & # 39; s Anatomy star is the first Asian actress to win multiple Golden Globes after adding her victory in 2006, when she received the prize for best female supporting role in a series, mini-series or television film because of her role in Gray & # 39; s Anatomy. She is also the first Asian woman to be nominated in the category of best performance by an actress in a drama series. This year, the star of Killing Eve – who won for her portrayal of MI6 agent Eve Polastri – defeated tough competition from Julia Roberts (Homecoming), Caitriona Balfe (Outlander), Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid & Tale) and Keri Russell (The Americans).