Sandro Silva conquers the desert with Amaznico in Dubi and Riyadh Oasis

After opening branches of the trendy restaurant in Madrid also in London and Dubi, it now arrives at an ephemeral luxury complex until April 12 to offer a gastronomic experience among the dunes.

The creativity of Grupo Paraguas is truly extraordinary and I am not referring only to creativity in the kitchen, to the gastronomic offer or to recipes, but to the projects they undertake, to their ability to create unique gastronomic spaces. They demonstrated it in Madrid (going from Umbrella to Ten with Ten, from Quintin to Amaznico, from Numa to Aarde and Origen), also with their international screening in London and Dubi. But his latest experience is, perhaps, the most striking from all points of view: an “Amazonian” restaurant located in the middle of the desert, between dunes and palm trees, in a true oasis.

Riyadh Oasis

With the impulse of United Arab Emirates was inaugurated a few weeks ago, in Horimlaa (near Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia), the Riyadh Oasis, an entertainment complex that has several restaurants, shops and entertainment areas. It is a very ambitious project that seeks to create a luxury experience in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert. A true gastronomic oasis, with high-level international restaurants such as Zuma, Ninive, Nammos y Saddle, but the most striking is the Amazon restaurant.

The Paraguas Group has achieved that for three months the exuberant landscape of the Amazonia moves to the desert of the Middle East, maintaining all the qualities and gastronomic attractions to which we are accustomed.

Behind this great work are Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, founders of Grupo Paraguas, together with his partners from the Dogus Group and the entire international expansion team in London. And, of course, the Riyadh Oasis organization, promoters of the project.

Amazon in the desert

The place can only be accessed by car or bus, the entire complex is of extraordinary beauty in terms of architectural design and interior design and one of those great attractions is even the clothing of the clients, including that of Sandro Silva himself. The interior of the restaurant, with an impressive decoration inspired by the Amazon jungle, is as spectacular as the outside terrace, where you can see the beautiful desert landscape. The design is the work of the well-known interior designer Lzaro Rosa-Violn.

And the landscape contrast is also appreciated in the kitchen. As in the restaurants in Madrid, London and Dubi, the gastronomic proposal is a mixture of different cultures, a fusion of tropical, Asian, Mediterranean and Brazilian cuisine.

Of course, cocktails have a great role. A creative menu with tropical ingredients and an interesting staging. All this, enlivened by a DJ performance throughout the day.

Ephemeral gastronomic experiences

The Riyadh Oasis, organized within the winter festival of Saudi Arabia, is an ephemeral project that, in principle, will remain for three months, until April 12.

Restaurants and pop-up businesses have been around for a while. A trend that seeks to offer a unique customer experience, moving to unique spaces for a limited time, be it a week or a few months.

Riyadh Oasis is a rehearsal that will allow extraordinary gastronomic experiences to take place in the future, for limited times, in places as unusual as the desert.

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