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The Ministry of Health of the province today launched the provincial plan “Santa Fe Vacuna”, a voluntary vaccination registry that can be accessed from the official website through the link called: “COVID VACCINATION”.

The registry has two purposes: one of them is to know how many Santa Fe and Santa Fe want to be vaccinated; and the second is to be able to provide shifts, according to each population group.

At this stage, those over 70 will be inoculated after the application of the vaccine to health personnel throughout the province of Santa Fe, continuing with the provincial strategic vaccination plan.


Regarding the continuity of the schedule, it should be noted that once this new stage is concluded (geriatric and over 70 years old), the calendar will continue with adults aged 60 to 69 years; then the armed forces, security and prison personnel.

Next, adults between 18 and 59 years old with comorbidities and the strategic plan will be concluded by teaching and non-teaching staff at the initial, primary and secondary levels.

We emphasize that all people with risk factors or over 60 years of age who are part of the strategic staff will be previously vaccinated in the corresponding shift.

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