Sarah Curchill, the bastion of the Catalan cause in London, dies

On this day in 1744, 276 years ago, he died at 84 years of age, in Marlborough (England) Sarah Churchill that, during much of the reign of Ana from England (1702-1714), had been the lady-in-waiting (mistress of the robes) politically most powerful of the English court. Sarah Churchill was, also, the strongest bastion in the defense of the Catalan cause during the War of Succession Hispanic (1705-1714). While she was the first lady of Queen Anne (1702-1711) always defended the need and the obligation to respect and maintain the alliance with the Catalans, which had been documented in the Treaty of Genoa (1705).

Sarah Churchill was, for more than four decades, the wife of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough and general of the English army who intervened and repeatedly defeated the French-Spanish Bourbon alliance on the battlefields of the Netherlands and the north of the Italian peninsula. His biographers emphasize that his personal ideology was close to the tory (the aristocratic English latifundista party, contrary to the English participation in the conflict); but, instead, from its privileged position always supported the wighs (the party of the London mercantile classes that had promoted, among others, the Treaty of Genoa).

In 1713, Sarah Churchill, although she had lost favor with the queen, would be one of the personalities who would most protest the signing of the Treaties of Utrecht, which left Catalonia alone in the war against the Franco-Spanish Bourbon alliance. From his social position, he predicted that abandoning the Catalans to their fate was an act of dishonor that England would pay for for a long time. Sarah Churchill was the direct ancestor of Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister between 1940 and 1945 and between 1951 and 1955, and the inspiration for the phrase: “Keep calm and Carry On“(keep calm and forward), during World War II (1939-1945).

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