Meghan Markle's father has revealed that he believes that Prince Harry is behind his daughter's explosive letter.

Thomas Markle, 74, yesterday published excerpts from the five-page letter in which the Duchess of Sussex accused him of "causing so much pain" and "exploiting" her relationship with the prince. The sun Reports.

Pregnant Meghan, 37, also asked her father to stop lying and put her in the handwritten note "to live our lives in peace".

The father, who lives in Mexico, has since revealed that he thinks Prince Harry (34) was involved in writing the letter after some of the terminology used in this letter.

He particularly emphasized the line that pleaded with Meghan, "I know that you are so far down in this rabbit hole that you have no way out (or feel), but if you stop for a moment, I believe you To see that living with a clear conscience is worth more than any payment in the world. "

But Thomas said, "Americans do not know what the hell the rabbit hole means.

"Apparently it has something to do with it Alice in Wonderland, You British use it. It feels like a pure Harry. "

The royal expert Ingrid Seward agreed The mirror: "I feel Harry's hand with it.

"If you look back at the story of Harry and Meghan, he's obviously very angry. She would not do it without his cooperation. "

The family drama comes when Meghan Markle prepares to give birth to her first child within a few months.

Friends of Meghan told a US magazine that she had written to her father and asked to heal the crack that was opened before her wedding last May.

But instead of saying nothing, Thomas Markle released part of the letter to the press and blamed his pregnant daughter.


Sarah Ferguson weighed herself into the so-called "feud" between Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and said it was similar to how she and the late Princess Diana were considered "rivals."

Speech published in an open letter in Hello! The magazine "Fergie" wrote that she and Diana, despite saturated news no "rivalry" against each other.

"In particular, women are constantly harassed and compared in a way that reminds me of trying to portray Diana and me as rivals all the time, which none of us really felt," she wrote Hello! Magazine.

The British magazine launched a # HelloToKindness campaign, largely due to the increase in abusive online comments against Meghan and Kate.

The Duchess of York wrote that the majority of Twitter and Instagram "startle" her and that social media is a "sewer".

"Look at each website and you will see extremely abusive comments that are not only directed at the public, but also at other Internet users. Bullying, sniping, B ****, even the most horrible sexism, racism and homophobia are commonplace, "she said.

It has recently become known that the staff at Kensington Palace spend hours hosting hundreds of thousands of sexist and racist online comments for the young Royals.

For her part, Fergie wrote, "It seems online, everything works".

"People feel entitled to say things online that they would never dream of saying in someone's face, and that encourages others to get involved. It is so omnipresent that we all become deaf, what is going on.

"There is good evidence that this online culture is affecting people's mental health, especially the disadvantaged young people."

Neither Kate nor Meghan has social media accounts (the Duchess of Sussex deleted her online accounts when she became engaged to Prince Harry), but Kensington Palace's social media platforms keep fans informed of the latest generation of news Royals up to date; His Instagram page has over seven million followers, while his Twitter account has nearly 1.6 million.

But Fergie, who was previously married to Prince Andrew, said online harassment of women should stop.

"I think it's time to take a stand. It's not about freedom of expression. The truth is, it's unacceptable to publish abuses or threats on social media or news sites, and it's unacceptable to harass other users simply because they disagree with you, "she wrote.

"It is not acceptable to play women against each other all the time."

Part of this story originally appeared The sun and will be republished with permission.