SARAH Parker has resigned as Dorset Council Child Services Officer.

Ms. Parker, whose official role is as Executive Director, People – Children, will be leaving her position to perform other duties outside of Dorset. She will leave the council at the end of December.

"It has been a privilege to work with Dorset's children, youth and fantastic families, and I wish them, as well as their Dorset Council colleagues, all the best for the future," he said. Mrs. Parker.

Matt Prosser, Executive Director of the Dorset Council, said, "Sarah has had a tremendous impact on Dorset's new board, she has brought an incredible amount of passion and energy, and is committed to getting the best results for kids. and young people.

"Although she is leaving Dorset, we are committed to passing on her legacy and placing children at the center of our decisions, which remains a priority for the Dorset Council."

In the short term, children's services will be led by Theresa Leavy, who will fulfill the statutory role of Director of Children's Services. She has led transformation programs for other local authorities, including Cambridgeshire and Wiltshire, and is currently supporting the Dorset Council as part of its Children's Services Transformation Program, known as the "Blueprint for Children". Exchange".

Mr. Prosser added, "Theresa Leavy has a proven track record of serving children in times of change, including Wiltshire – which is becoming a unitary council and has been a key part of our program. Blueprint for Change, and I am grateful that she is able to assume this leadership role while we agree on the best way forward. "