Jo Swinson and Sarah Wollaston

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Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson welcomed Ms. Wollaston to the party.

An MP's decision to change sides was both mocked and welcomed by their constituents.

Sarah Wollaston, deputy of Totnes in Devon, has joined the Liberal Democrat Party.

One voter accused her of being a "turncoat" while another said that he would vote for her now.

Ms. Wollaston was one of three Tory MPs who left the party in February to join Change UK, but left the newly formed party in June.

The deputy was re-elected in 2017 with a majority of 13,477 over Labor.

"Reputational damage"

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Tara Bently-Curtin wants a politician "who knows"

Tara Bently-Curtin said people wanted "a politician who knows and supports a cause".

She said, "You have to have a really solid view of what you believe in.

"It's so extreme to go from the conservatives who want to Brexit to the Liberal Democrats, this is the only party that consistently wanted to stay in the EU."

"I think her reputation is being damaged."

"Not for individuals"

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Juliet Wilson said the deputy's decision was "selfish."

Juliet Wilson said: "It is extremely selfish to assume that voters suddenly want to switch from one party to another.

"We really do not vote for them.

"We choose the party and what the party represents, it's not about individuals, it's not about egos – it's about what we want to do for this country."

"Positive movement"

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Bibi Ana Lewis welcomed every step towards a "liberal position"

Bibi Ana Lewis said: "I think that given the state the government is in and the mistake it has made, any move towards a liberal position would be positive.

"I do not know how much respect she will lose when she moves so much, but anyone who moves to a liberal position is appreciated by everyone my age."

& # 39; No representation & # 39;

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Sarah Wollaston is a "turncoat" according to John Watson

John Watson said that Mrs. Wollaston was a "turncoat" who "abandoned the people of Totnes".

He said, "At first she voted to leave the EU, and then she changed to stay.

"Basically, she jumped to another party, we have no representation in Totnes and I think if she runs for the next election as a Liberal Democrat, she would not come in.

"Too many people will be against them."

"Fierce majority"

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Rupert Morrison said he could vote for Ms. Wollaston for the first time

Rupert Morrison said he thought the nicest thing to do was hold a by-election.

He said, "She had a fairly large majority, but I do not necessarily think people are voting for the politician in this area, and I think they vote for the party.

"It will be fascinating to see what happens there.

"I hope that in a general election, if she is to represent Lib Dems, she will be much more personal and business-oriented, and for the first time I would like to vote for her."