Sarkissian denounced that Turkey uses the most modern weapons of NATO and recruits mercenaries

The President of Armenia today criticized NATO for allowing a member country like Turkey to get involved in the Artsakh conflict. In addition, he expressed his disappointment with the State of Israel.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Critic, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian expressed disappointment that NATO allows its member Turkey to get involved in a third party conflict with which it has nothing to do.

The President of Armenia: “The NATO member uses the most modern weapons of NATO (F-16, ATS) and recruits soldiers without a mandate. I am disappointed that there is not enough pressure from the European Union. I am disappointed that there is not much pressure from the United States that is busy with the presidential elections. “

“I am particularly disappointed in Israel, which continues to supply weapons to Azerbaijan,” Sarkissian said.

Referring to Russia, the Armenian president recalled that Russia declared that if there is an attack against the Republic of Armenia, it will respect all the provisions of its agreements and support Armenia.

“The Russian Federation also has good relations with Azerbaijan. It is no secret. It maintains good relations with both the Republic of Armenia and Azerbaijan. This means that Russia can be a sincere mediator. Turkey cannot play that role. Turkey is clearly on that side “, subrayó Sarkissian

The President of Armenia expressed his wish that Russia would exert more pressure on Azerbaijan and Turkey to impose a ceasefire and remove Turkey from the conflict.

Turkey’s aggressive rhetoric grows by the day. If there is any action or statement from the Armenian side, the first to respond is not Baku, but Ankara “, Sarkissian emphasized.

Speaking about Artsakh’s right to self-determination, he cited the example of Britain’s exit from the European Union. “If the UK decides to leave the EU, the current government will accept the referendum. I ask you to think about the people who, using their democratic option, held a referendum to secede from Azerbaijan, but achieved war, death and deportation.” He said. it’s Sargsyan.

He also expressed the belief that Britain should make its voice heard today as an independent state, and together with the EU should protect the rights of those who have chosen the path of self-determination.

“What is happening in Nagorno Karabakh seems distant, in reality it is not. If Turkey rules this region, may God help us all,” the president concluded.

In the early morning of September 27, Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh again. The Azeri Army attacked and advanced on the Karabakh territories, bombarding military and civilian positions. This provoked the resistance and reaction of both Artsakh and Armenia and a warlike escalation in the region unprecedented in the last two decades. In the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh, martial law and general mobilization were declared. Azerbaijan, which has the political-military complicity of Turkey (a Turkish drone was shot down in Armenian territory) and Israel, decreed martial law and curfew in various regions of his country. There are thousands of deaths and injuries, and damages of all kinds. On October 3, the President of Artsakh made the decision to go to the front lines.

He October 9 in Moscow with the mediation of the Foreign Minister of Russia, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed a cessation of hostilities in the Karabakh conflict zone from 12 October 10 (local time). The ceasefire was for humanitarian purposes to exchange prisoners and corpses according to the criteria of the Red Cross, but this is not respected by Azerbaijan. In addition, specific parameters for the cessation of hostilities and the immutability of the negotiation format were agreed.

Source: Sputnik Armenia

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