Sasha Banks and her mysterious role in ‘the Mandalorian’

Some months ago, it was revealed that the WWE star, Sasha Banks, was going to have a special appearance in the acclaimed Star Wars series called ‘The Mandalorian’. Suddenly speculation began about what the character of the fighter could be.

For a few months, it was speculated that Banks could have the role of Sabine Wren for the series. Sabine is a Mandalorian warrior and revolutionary leader who was one of the first rebels in the empire.

However, once with the premiere of the new season of the Disney + series, it was revealed that the character that Sasha Banks would give life to was Koska Reeves, a Mandalorian in blue armor. ‘The Boss’ released a little more of that experience in an interview with ‘Variety’.

A dream that I didn’t think possible

Sasha Banks recognized that being able to appear in one of the most important franchises in the film universeIt was something very special for her and for that she thanked the support she had from both WWE and the creators of the series.

“I still can’t believe it. It still doesn’t seem real to me. The more interviews I do, the more I feel like ‘Oh my gosh, holy …’ I’m telling you right nowIt still doesn’t seem real to me. It’s Star Wars, damn it! One of the largest franchises in the world, one of the largest universes that you can be part of “said the fighter

On how he was contacted by Jon Favreau, the writer of ‘The Mandalorian’, Banks said that “he came to see me because he saw an interview I did with Hot Ones. He liked me and got my contact information. Then on FaceTime, he asked me to be a part of ‘The Mandalorian’. I was like, ‘well, I can’t say no.’ But I was incredibly nervous, because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it with the WWE schedule. You know, we used to travel a lot. But they made it possible and it all happened. “

On the way she felt shooting on set, Sasha noted that “it felt like the first time I ever saw a wrestling ring,” she continued on her experience walking on set for the first time. “You feel like you are in a different galaxy in a different world. It was easy to play a Mandalorian. And you know, Jon Favreau, David Filoni and Bryce Howard, they were so amazing to me. Any questions I had, because I was incredibly shy and nervous, they answered. “

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