Saturday with forecast rains and an alert for heavy storms in northern Santa Fe

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) forecasts a maximum temperature of 32ºC for this day. The storm is expected to start in the afternoon.

Weather in Santa Fe

This October 17 the sky is mostly cloudy and isolated rains are forecast during the afternoon. The SMN anticipates that the minimum temperature will be 20ºC and the maximum 32 ° C.

For the north of the province there is an alert for strong storms, the meteorological agency anticipates that rains and isolated storms of varying intensity will develop. Some could be locally strong, accompanied by gusts, falling hail, significant electrical activity, and occasional abundant precipitation. Predicted rainfall is estimated between 20 and 40 mm, in isolation.

Extended forecast

The cloudiness is here to stay in all of Santa Fe, it is expected that the sun will not be the protagonist of next week.

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