Saudi Arabia is the fifth largest arms power in the world

February 22, 2021 At 8.30 am

Global Fire Power has ranked Saudi Arabia as the world’s fifth armed power, surpassing several regional and world powers, it reported on Friday. Al-Khaleej Online.

According Al-Khaleej Online, Global Fire Power stated that Saudi Arabia It has 12,500 armored vehicles, surpassing the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Iran, Turkey and Israel.

Global Fire Power reported that the world’s leading armored power is the United States, with 40,000 armored vehicles, followed by China, with 35,000, Russia, with 27,000, and South Korea, with 14,100 vehicles.

Turkey is the sixth power with 11,630 armored vehicles, Egypt the eighth with 11,000 vehicles, Iran the 15th with 8,500 and Israel the 17th with 7,500 armored vehicles.

The Saudi army is considered one of the strongest in the Gulf and is one of the largest Arab and Middle Eastern armies.

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