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More electronics, more glamor, more squeaky colors: Goat Girl

What is Wolfgang Doebeling actually doing? The semi-legendary music journalist and radio DJ had to watch his popular and feared program “Roots” at the end of the year Radio one / RBB submit. Has he found a place to stay for his country, which is always a bit out of the way, for his rock, which has always been more Stones than Beatles, for all the strange things that nobody else played? Maybe he dares to go online, maybe he’s already with the competition (Flux FM?) we don’t know. And only wish him the best.

Because we owe him something – for example, that this band, Goat Girl from London, received first attention in this country, even before the release of their first record. Goat Girl, that’s four young women with the attitude of spitting chewing gum brats who brought together a rather rough indie skirt with cowbell punk, which Doebeling found exciting.

»Goat Girl«, the debut from 2018, already had electronic elements, but was mostly scratchy and hooked on hooks. The deep voice of Lottie Cream casually purrs through the guitar tracks shaped by guitarist L. E. D., here and there there are choirs, or at least two-part singing. The texts are political, everyday political, overriding political. Toxic masculinity in »Brexit«, rock ‘n’ roll life as it used to be, that sort of thing.

On the second album “On All Fours”, everything is still essentially the same. However, musically and sound-wise, things are going in a more poppy direction. A bit like The Big Moon, another London women’s band with indie appeal that took similar steps, Goat Girl, directed by Dan Carey, decided to go for even more electronics and more smack.

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Sounds like this »Anxiety Feels«(» These pills scare me, I don’t want that anymore «) almost groovy,»Jazz (In the Supermarket)«Krautrockig and» Never Stays the Same «after the Pretenders, which strangely enough always appear as references for the band. »P. T. S. Tea«And the single»Sad Cowboy«(With Eurotrash solo) could become dance floor fillers in indie disco if there were still indie disco clubs.

The bad or the sad is hidden behind the glamor that says pop and definitely means it, whatever that little word should mean in 2021. Wolfgang Doebeling will probably listen with one laughing and one tearful eye: The country influence, the cowbell punk are no longer there, but with – or better: for – Goat Girl he should be happy about more airplay and greater range. What used to be called a sell-out. And maybe signs of survival today.


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