The police have warned fraudsters within three hours after three different cases, imitating police officers to steal thousands of pounds from the people of Lincolnshire.

The incidents occurred between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm in Grantham, Barrowby and Great Gonerby.

These cheaters target the weakest and prey of their fears, police say.

In Grantham, a resident drew thousands of pounds at the request of a person who claimed to be a police officer, but fortunately did not give the money.

In Barrowby, a caller claimed to be from the Scotland Yard Fraud Office – no money was withdrawn or handed over.

A fraudster tried to convince a resident in Great Gonerby that his card was used in London without her permission.

Nick Bates from Financial Fraud Prevention and a Coordinator of Op Revive at the Lincolnshire police said, "We are doing everything we can to make people aware of this type of scam, because it is one of the most distressing situations for the victims because it is theirs Nature after being very disturbing is aimed at people who are vulnerable.

"The police will never ask you to buy anything or hand over money to an official. If asked, you probably talk to a criminal. Please do not do what you ask and let us know immediately. "

"If you have friends or relatives who are elderly or vulnerable, please forward this message to alert them."

If you have been contacted by someone who claims to be a police officer asking you to buy goods or hand over cash, or if you wish to report any such matter to the authorities, please call Lincolnshire police at 101 or Sign up at 0300 at Action Fraud 1232040.

You can also email the police to