The sloop Clearwater will be 50 years old on Friday. It was launched on May 17, 1969. Pete Seeger, who founded Clearwater and helped build the sloop, was born on May 3, 1919. Clearwater calls this his "50/100" anniversary. The anniversary is the subject of a lengthy resolution passed last week by the Senate and NYS Assembly on Pete's legacy and Clearwater's work.

On Saturday, May 18, Clearwater celebrates its 50th anniversary with two public sails on the sloop (11:00 and 17:00) and a free event at the ferry terminal in Beacon, NY, between 14:30 and 16: 30 o'clock. There are live music, touring, Hudson River fish and invertebrates, banjo crafts and more.

The 50/100 edition of Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival will be released in June and will be held at Croton Point Park on June 15th and 16th.

To celebrate the sloop, we welcome Betsy Garthwaite, former longtime captain of Clearwater (also chairing Clearwater), Manna Jo Greene, environmental director of Clearwater, and Stephen Smith, chairwoman of Clearwater.