Scheuring’s word for Saturday: The luck of the fish

Our sisters and brothers across the English Channel have always had a special relationship with the moist element, especially with fish. That may be because the fraying piece of land they live on is completely surrounded by water. The inner relationship with fish is deeply rooted in the British soul: Already the Anglo-Saxons saw – as the name suggests – 1500 years ago the purpose of their existence was primarily to pull fish out of the water. Little has changed about that to this day. The fishing quota was therefore one of the main issues at Brexit. The British love the fish – and apparently those feelings are reciprocated. Which is why the British politician Jacob Rees-Mogg recently stated: “It is crucial that we have our fish back. They are now British fish and therefore better and happier fish. ”The happiness of fish, who can measure it? The Queen may soon knight a halibut and a great pike becomes premier. Then the British fish will surely swim around the island out of gratitude in left-hand traffic. The happiness of the fish, it grows day by day. An English fishing association wants to give marine animals even nicer and more appetizing names: the Megrim Fish is said to be Cornwall sole and the spider crab is said to be called the giant crab. Maybe the jackfish will soon be renamed “A fish called Wanda”. And if the island’s economy gets into an even deeper vortex and is destroyed by Brexit, then people will say: Great Britain is floundering.

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